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Great music is the result of artistic vision as well as collaborative teamwork. Every project we’ve worked on reflects this ideal. Here are some examples of projects we’re proud to have participated in. Listen to some of our recent productions and get in touch to start working on some unique projects of your own.

Live Recording
Big Hair Don't Care_ICBWYW_Level.jpg

Client Song "Feel"

For this project, Our client came to us with lyrics and a basic musical idea for a rock track that was influenced by the grunge era. We recorded all of the music so that it captured the vision our client had in mind for the song. We worked on the arrangement of the song and tweaked it until our client was fully satisfied. A professional vocalist was hired to sing the track and we mixed and mastered the song to give it the polished commercial sound you would expect to hear on the radio or your favorite streaming service.

Song for Sync - "I Can't Be What You Want"

This was a collaboration with the goal of producing a song that could be pitched for a "Sync" placement. A sync placement is when a song is used for a TV show, commercial or movie. We were going for a 90's rock vibe to target a specific type of placement. We used a reference track to capture the vibe of the reference track. This is extremely helpful in communicating and targeting a certain style of vibe your aiming for.

Some of our Productions

The following songs include artist releases as well as sync productions

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Full Production, Mixing and Mastering

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